Why Choose FundRace


At FundRace, we generate results - quick.  We race to get you approved and find you a short term credit lender. There is a reason our clients continue to come back to our website and use our service, we're fast. Completing an application with us is like going to hundreds of different websites and filling out hundreds of applications. We have a network of lenders that are trusted and secured loan companies that want to loan money. Let us race to find you funds to put in your bank account. 

Safe and Secure

All the lenders in our network have been vetted before they are allowed to participate in our program. Our lenders specialize in getting your approved and have a high marks for customer service. If we ever get bad feedback on a lender, there's a good chance they won't be around long. See why our customers keep coming back to get online loans fast.

How the Loan Process Works

1) Complete the loan application.

2) We will attempt to match you with a lender.

3) If we can match you with a lender you will receive a loan offer. If we can not match you with a lender you will not receive a loan offer.

4) If you receive a loan offer it is up to you to read the terms of the loan and decide if you want to accept or decline the loan offer.

5) If you accept you should receive the funds in your account in the next couple business days.

6) All communication regarding the loan needs to be between you and the funding lender.