Quick Personal Loans with Monthly Payments

Now you can get quick personal loans with monthly payments just using your smartphone or computer. Gone are the days where you have to visit all the local lenders in the dreary part of town. Complete everything from the comfort of your own home. Have the money sent direct deposit to your bank account.

Fast Personal Loans Up to $50,000


How to Get Approved Fast

There are no lines and you will know immediately if you have been approved. We race to get you approved. Our network is huge and our direct lenders work hard to get you approved. Our only goal is to get you a personal loan offer fast. If you like the offer then you can accept it, if not, decline it. It's that easy. This is why our clients continue to use our service over and over again. Our service is free for you to use. There is no obligation. If you receive a loan offer you do not like you do not have to accept it.

How Much Money Can I Get?

The trusted lenders in our network offer personal loans in amounts from $100 all the way up to $50,000. All loans are unsecured and do not require collateral. You could be just a few clicks away from having money sent to your bank account. The whole process only takes a few minutes.

  1. Complete the short application.
  2. If you are approved, you will receive a personal loan offer with monthly payments.
  3. Decide to accept or decline the offer.
  4. If you accept, the money will be sent direct deposit to your checking account.

 No pressure and not obligation. The application is free and we do the hard work to find you a lender that is ready to lend money.

How Do I Get a Quick Loan With Bad Credit?

The direct lenders in our network do not check your FICO credit report. So your credit score is not a factor in the lending decision making process. Our lenders want to know you have a source of income that is enough to cover your existing bills and your monthly loan payment. So you could get a quick personal loan even with bad credit. Also our application will not show up on your credit history with the big three credit bureaus.

Who Needs Fast Personal Loans?

Millions of Americans use short term credit to reduce their stress and financial burden. When you apply for a fast personal loan, you need to remember that it must be paid back and the monthly payments should be budgeted into your finances. Short term installment loans usually have a higher interest rate compared to traditional lending options. This should be factored into your decision making. Many consumer find that these loans are a good alternative to payday loans, giving you more flexibility and a longer payback period to minimize the impact of the repayment.


Ways to Save Some Money

We like to provide a few ideas to help people keep more money in their bank accounts. Having a healthy savings account can make your life run smoother and help you avoid difficult financial situation.

1. Plan Your Trips Ahead of Time

Plan all your family adventures months ahead of time so that you can get the best rates on airfare and hotel rooms. You can also book better restaurants and rentals if you are the early bird. Many travel websites offer their biggest deals and discounts to people who book at least 6 months ahead of their vacation.

2. Wash Your Own Car

The convenience of use the drive-thru car wash is hard to avoid. However, to get a good wash, most locations are charging $15 or more for each wash, yikes!. While it may save you little time, if you use this service once a week, you are looking at $60 a month to keep your car clean. Get the hose and bucket out at home and do it yourself. Washing a small to medium sized vehicle only takes about 10 minutes. Pay yourself the $15 and use it for a nice lunch or put it in the savings account.

3. Plan Your Meals

Plan your meals at the beginning of the week and make one trip to the store. If you are stopping at the grocery store multiple times a week then you are not planning ahead and you are spending too much money. Have a plan and stick to it. A few eating routes are a good idea as well. Pick a few healthy meals that are easy to prepare and make them staples in your daily life.

Compare Personal Loan Offers

Be sure to know what options are available when you are shopping for personal loans online. You can save yourself a lot of money and may be able to lower your interest rate by shopping around. Compare and contrast APR's, monthly payments, loan duration, and terms of the loans.

Never Borrow More Than You Need

It can be tempting to borrow a few hundred dollar more than you actually need. Remember, that you have to pay interest on every dollar that you borrow. Only finance what you need and pay it off as soon as you can. Know what your monthly budget can handle and how long it will take to complete the personal financing.

Why Choose FundRace?

We have one job, to help you get approved for a quick personal loan. We have put together an all star list of professional loan companies that give you a great chance to get approved. There is not obligation, if you ever get an offer that you are not happy or comfortable with, just decline it. Above all, we want you to be satisfied with the loan process.

Quick Personal Loans With Direct Deposit